You want somebody positive to lead that once-in-a-lifetime celebration of one who has made a positive contribution to your life.

Your search is over.

Reciting a poem


You want someone to speak who will make YOU look good to your group or association.  Learn something you can use before you even walk out the door, and laugh in the process.

Space Needle


The preferred wedding officiant by many planners, photographers and venues,

YOU can be the stars of Chaplain Dale's next out-of-the-ballpark wedding.


Certified SYMBIS Facilitator

Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts is what the acronym stands for.  Dale is happy to work with you to prepare for marriage in assessment and counseling.

Awaken the spirit

No psycho-babble or holding hands around the campfire singing Kum Ba Ya.  Dale can bring a sense of meaning to your worst circumstance.  No obligation; he'd love to meet about the possibilities.


Next Steps...

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