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It's not about what you know...

Here are vendors and venues we know and trust

I've interfaced with lots of professionals, vendors, and venues in my work with ceremonies through the years.  Most of them are good while a few are great.

The great ones are here along with some very good (and great values).  The others don't get a mention.  We partners to involve the best at implementing your memorial ideas to make your Ceremony Masters memorial or Life Celebration the positive event it truly can be.

My criteria for listing vendors on these Partnership pages are:

  • I have been there, worked with them or seen them in action
  • I would trust them with my own ceremony or event
  • I believe in them enough to list them on my own (no paid advertising or reciprocal links required)

​In most cases, these suppliers will work fine with any kind of event, ceremony or celebration.  If they are better for one kind of event over another, I will note that.

Happy shopping.  If you contact any of these vendors, please tell them who sent you.


Partnerships and memorial ideas